Each quarter, JPEF hosts Advocacy Nights to inform and educate parents, teachers and community members about issues impacting education. These sessions connect content experts to stakeholders with the aim of preparing them to be active education advocates for our community.

2023 Legislative Session Advocacy Night

JPEF held an Advocacy Night on Tuesday, April 11 to discuss the 2023 Florida Legislative Session. Please join us for future Advocacy Nights.


Past Sessions

What are IEPs?

At the December Advocacy Night, we discussed Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) with graduates from JPEF’s Parents Who Lead (PWL) program. PWL takes participants through a 20-week intensive training program where they develop skills to become strong education advocates.  

Restorative Justice in Schools

Over the summer, participants of our Teacher Leadership and School Leadership Initiatives took a deep dive into the topic of restorative justice and restorative practices in schools. As opposed to a traditional response to behavioral conflict that focuses on punitive responses to broken rules and punishments, restorative justice takes a healing-centered approach to repair the harm caused by conflict and build a strong, safe community. 





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